To check your case status, visit the USCIS website:




Enter your receipt number in the box after you click on the link that says “Check Case Status.”  Your receipt number can be found on the receipt notice that you received after your case was submitted with the USCIS.

点击“查看案件状态(Check Case Status)”链接,在小框中输入您的收件号码。您的案件提交给移民局后,收件号码可以在您收到的收件通知上找到。

To change your address with the immigration office, fill out Form AR-11:


To check if your priority date is current, check the Visa Bulletin:



Click on the most current visa bulletin each month and scroll down to the box that specifies your family/employment based category.  Look for the date that corresponds to your country of chargeability.  If the date on the bulletin is later than your priority date, then your priority date is current and you should contact our office for instructions on how to complete the next step of your application.


To register for selective service, visit this website:


Citizenship study tools: