Attorney Andrew B. Hwang founded the firm in 1988 and worked as a solo practitioner for over twenty years in Monterey Park, California. Attorney Mabel H. Weiss joined the firm after graduating from USC Law School in 2011. Attorney Weiss worked at the firm while she attended law school, and helped to rapidly expand the firm's practice areas and broaden its growing client base. Attorney Jonathan D. Weiss joined the firm in 2013 after spending the first few years of his career practicing commercial litigation at a large international law firm in downtown Los Angeles. Attorney Weiss brought with him his background in litigation and experience handling highly complex cases. Attorney Melody H. Muhlrad joined the firm in 2015 after graduating from UCLA Law School and pursuing a PhD program in epidemiology. Attorney Muhlrad brought her background in the sciences to develop the technical clientele that the firm serves. The Law Offices of Hwang & Weiss is located in Pasadena, California in the vibrant South Lake Avenue business area. Although the Law Offices of Hwang & Weiss has grown from one attorney to four attorneys, we maintain our personable, quality level of service.

我们的故事 安德鲁·B·黄律师 (Andrew B. Hwang) 1988年创建本公司,并在加利福尼亚州蒙特利公园市 (Monterey Park) 独自执业二十多年。玛贝尔·H·韦斯律师 (Mabel H. Weiss) 2011年从南加州大学法学院 (USC Law School) 毕业后,加入本公司。还在上法学院的时候,韦斯律师就在本公司工作,帮助公司快速扩大执业领域,拓展不断增长的客户群。在职业生涯的头几年里,乔纳森·D·韦斯律师 (Jonathan D. Weiss) 在洛杉矶市中心的一家大型国际律师事务所从事商业诉讼业务,于2013年加入本公司。韦斯律师带来了他的诉讼背景和处理高度复杂案件的经验。2015年梅洛迪·H·穆尔拉德律师 (Melody H. Muhlrad) 加入本公司,她从加州大学洛杉矶分校法学院 (UCLA Law School) 毕业,并攻读流行病学博士学位。藉由她的科学背景,穆尔拉德律师发展公司所服务的科技方面的客户。 黄&韦斯律师事务所位于美国加利福尼亚州帕萨迪纳市生机勃勃的南湖大道商业区。虽然律师事务所已经从一名律师发展为拥有为四名律师,我们仍然保持着个性化、优秀的服务质量。